Other Services



Bayad Center
Select branches are accepting payments for utilities, credit cards, insurances and for various government agencies such as PhilHealth, SSS, NSO, NBI, etc. Simply present your billing statement together with your payment and enjoy the bills payment convenience at our Bayad Center branches.

Naic Cable
Select branches are accepting subscription payments for Naic Cable.



Western Union
Money transfer processing service via Western Union is available at select branches.



Regular Savings Deposit
This is primarily used for safekeeping of funds of an individual, individuals (joint account), non-individuals such as business entities and non-profit organizations. Accounts belonging to this product earn interest and are evidenced by passbooks which are presented whenever deposits or withdrawals are made. Interest rate is fixed and compounded quarterly.

Special Savings Deposit
This is a high yield savings deposit product where interest is subject to tiered rates depending on the range of determined amounts. Initial deposit and maintaining balance is higher than the Regular Savings Deposit.

Time Deposit
Interest bearing deposits with specific maturity dates and evidenced by certificate of time deposit issued by the bank. Interest is higher than the Regular Savings Deposit rate.

Basic Savings Deposit
A deposit account of Microfinance clients with auto-debit feature for loan payment.